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New Start? Time to Re-engage With Your Personal Network

Once a new job or internship is secured, we tend to breathe an enormous sigh of relief… then focus all our energy and time on succeeding in the new role.

As you may already know, though, recent U.S. Department of Labor data reports that “median employee tenure” was 4.6 years in 2014. So, like it or not, most of us can expect to be looking for a new job… sooner rather than later.   

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In 5 Steps: Be 5 Times More Likely to Get Hired


Being recommended to the employer by a current employee is often the best – and fastest – way to a new job. Known as a “referral,” a referred candidate is five times more likely to be hired than a candidate who was not referred.

Getting referred for a job is not necessarily uncomplicated or easy, however; especially if — when you start — you have no contacts to refer you to the employer. Here, in five steps, is how to become a referral at the companies you want to work for…   

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3 Assumptions About Recruiters That Sabotage a Job Search


Many job seekers are confused about how hiring works, and, specifically, about how to work with recruiters. As with most everything associated with job search, things aren’t as simple or straight forward as they seem.

And yet, many job seekers make some bad assumptions about them – and how to work with them… including these three that can sabotage your job search:   

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The 20 Keywords Just Right for Your Resume

Top 20 Keywords for Your Resume

Whether in the resume storage of a job board, in an employer’s applicant tracking system (ATS), or in social networks like LinkedIn and Google Plus… most resumes end up in a database of some sort.

Regardless of where they are stored, those resumes and social profiles need to be “find-able” when someone types in their desired search terms, which are commonly referred to as “keywords.” But what keywords are those employers looking for? How do they find you?   

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How to Craft the Perfect Answer to “What’s Your Greatest Accomplishment?”

Interview Question

One of the toughest job interview questions of all time: “What is your greatest accomplishment?”

And yet answering this question in a way sure to impress the recruiter is not all that difficult! Because like your LinkedIn profile and resume should be focused on your accomplishments (preferably quantified), so should your answer to this job interview question!   

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The Secret to Turning Rejection Into Your Big Break


You really, really wanted that job… but here it is again: the dreaded “Thank-you-for-your-interest-but…” letter. What now? Move on to the next opportunity, of course! But first…

Take the time to turn that rejection letter into what could become your big break… and perhaps a job offer.   

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