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Preparing for Life After College: 15 Ways to Leverage Your Summer Break

life after college

Summer isn’t all about retreating to familiar surroundings, fiercely sleeping in, and flip-flops. For many, this is also a time for and about next steps in their lives and career. So we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this question:

What should every college student do during summer break to move their career forward?

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Winter Warm-up: What Must Be Done Now to Get a Gig By Summer


In many parts of the country another version of the “polar vortex” is wrapping its icy arms around the landscape. Many are thinking: “Summer?! That’s years away! I’m freezing my (resume) off right now!”

Fair enough. We get it. However, a successful job or internship takes time… most often around 6 months. Time to warm-up the winter!   

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