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Fresh Graduates: How to Strike in The Job Market While the Weather is Still Hot

fresh graduates

Are you one of the many fresh graduates trying to find your first real job after college? Do you feel slightly uneasy when you look at all that empty space on your resume? Have you already applied for several jobs but you’ve yet to score a single interview?

What if I told you that your lack of experience isn’t the main problem?   

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Just in Time for Your Summer Job Search: 20 Top Job Interview Tips [Infographic]

20 job interview tips

We love this classic infographic from Carthage College. Here, they present 20 top job interview tips, all in one place, to get you ready for every job interview.

From thoroughly understanding the company, to preparing for the most interview questions, to what not to do or say… it’s in here!   

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Land a Summer Job With These 3 Resume Tips

Summer Job Search

Summer is in full swing (Southern Hemisphere readers: come back and read this post in 6 months), and yet many people are still looking for summer jobs.

If you’re among them, use these resume format tips to boost your chances of success…   

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4 Ways to Make Your Summer Job Search Sizzle


We’ve always been told that searching for a job during the summer months is a bad idea. Luckily for you, that is just a myth!

So grab a cold one, go outside, break out the BBQ… and have some fun job hunting! Here are four tips sure to help you heat up your summer job search…   

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6 Steps to Get Your Summer Job Search Back on Track

Summer Job Search

With so many distractions and all the fun ways to spend your time, summer is a tough time to look for work. Especially now, managing your job search requires dedication, discipline and organization.

No matter what field you hope to land in, here are the six steps you need to stay on top of your job search game during the summer months…   

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By the Numbers: How to Excel in Your Summer Job Search

Summer Job Search by the Numbers

With summer coming fast, it’s very tempting to blow off the job or internship search and spend your day lounging in the sun. Unfortunately, unless you’re planning on landing a swimsuit model job or applying for a lifeguard position, this isn’t an approach with a high rate of success.

To help you create a sense of urgency and to avoid an unintended summer break, you need a job search plan with set goals and milestones…   

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