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Top 10 Reasons Your Cover Letter Sucks

A solid cover letter highlights your achievements, showcases your personality, places you several steps ahead of other candidates… and is often be one of the most challenging aspects of the job search process.

Unfortunately, many poor cover letters cause many otherwise outstanding candidates to be passed over by hiring managers. While writing your cover letter might be a scary task, crafting the perfect one-page introduction of you, successfully, is essential to getting hired…   

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Top 10 Reasons Your Internship Program Sucks

More companies are engaging interns as an economical resource to increase bandwidth, inject youthful enthusiasm and as a way to “give back” to the community. However, it seems many employers – at least in the eyes of the intern – don’t make the cut in regard to providing a rewarding internship experience; the intern leaves unfulfilled. In today’s “everybody knows everyone” world of social media, this often comes back to haunt these employers. As our friends at Intern Bridge state, 94% of interns will vocalize their experiences through friends and social networking. So, it may be worth a little time   

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