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The Top Ten Traits of Successful Job Seekers [Infographic]

top traits of successful job seekers

In this terrific infographic from The Job Search Coach, you’ll see the top traits of uber successful job seekers. Specifically, you’ll learn the ten things the do NOT do as they search for work.

Check out the infographic with an open mind…. and see if maybe you’re doing some of these don’ts!   

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4 Things Successful Job Seekers Do Every Day


Colin (my son, 26, with degrees in accounting and finance) was helping me record a video. While we were working, he stated that today’s job search remains “brutal” and “humbling.” Ah yes… it is all that and more. And yet there are success stories out there. There are job seekers doing well! And almost every one of them does four things better than almost anyone else. Here are four habits successful young careerists apply to their job search every day, and how they can benefit you: 1. They Don’t Focus Their Search Entirely Online Way too many of my clients spend a bunch of time   

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