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Make Facebook Work For You: Designing Your Social Media Resume

Students, recent graduates and job seekers have all heard it a million times – “Don’t put pictures of yourself partying on Facebook!” And most of us learned to limit our opinions on controversial topics.

Whether you have skeletons in the closet to keep off of Facebook or you’ve lived your life like an angel, taking the ‘untag’ approach to social media can severely limit its potential to help you. Instead of a reactionary approach to your page, think proactively to promote all the positive experiences you’ve had that make you more attractive to potential employers. Here are some examples to get you started:


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Students and Career Centers: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I’ve heard some Career Centers complain that they try to offer services for students, but no one takes advantage. They also complain that students don’t bother with the center until their last year, when they are looking for a job. I’ve heard them attribute it to “laziness and apathy”. My two cents, from the “customer of career centers” point of view: If your entire campus is full of lazy, apathetic students, your view of your “customer” sucks! You might as well just start handing out McDonald’s applications. Or, you can market the services your center offers – and start a positive, word-of-mouth campaign about your value to the students on campus. Here’s how…   

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Why Your College Degree Doesn’t Mean Sh**

You aren’t like every other graduate out there, but no one would know it by looking at your resume. You want to do more than just “get some crappy job.” You want to truly make an impact, a real contribution… you want to give a piece of your best self. And you want to find someone who will pay you for it. Here’s what you need to do…   

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Looking for Summer Internships in All the Right Places

By now, you’ve likely heard that completing one or more internships during college will help you prepare for life after college. However, what if you are having trouble finding that summer internship? The reality is there are plenty of internship opportunities out there. To find them, sometimes you just need to be creative in how you look – and network!   

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5 Stress Management Tips for College Students

College is a balancing act. With exams, projects, papers, internships, job searches, research and a social life, the stress eventually begins to eat away at you. How do you manage all of this and still stay sane? These tips should help keep your college stress from getting out of control. Remember… breathe deep, stay organized and keep a positive attitude.    

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The Art of “Alone Time” to Increase Your Productivity

Many of us find it easy to be swept up in the storm of our daily lives. By the end of the day, we’re so drained that we can do little but let the glare of the TV screen wash over our zombie faces. This is, of course, the recipe for a zombie. Stripping people of solitude is the surest way to suck the life out of them.   

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