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Expert Advice to Help Reduce Stress During Your Pandemic Job Search

pandemic job search

If you find it harder to concentrate right now, you aren’t alone. It’s caused by pandemic job search stress. Get ideas on how to regain your focus. There’s already evidence that this pandemic is having an effect on those who don’t even have the virus. Some have referred to it as “covid brain” or brain fog. No matter what you call it, it’s real. This article from the BBC validates the effects the Coronavirus is having on people.   

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11 Ways to Keep Personal Stress Under Control

personal stress

Life is full of stressors. And you would stop personal stress if you could… but it’s out of your control, right? Wrong!

When you are stressed, you don’t function at your full potential. Let’s put a stop to letting stress get the upper-hand.   

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11 Scary Statistics About Stress and What to do About It [Infographic]


Workplace stress is a real issue; a $300 billion a year issue. It leads to not just missed work, but health concerns, burn-out, disengaged employees and much more.

So as you start your career, what can you do about it? How do you know if stress is affecting your work? Better yet, how can you avoid stress altogether?   

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Recent Grads in Unpaid Internships: Should You Stress?

One major complaint among young professionals is the limited availability of entry-level positions post-grad. Many grads take on unpaid internships because they simply can’t find entry-level work.

Rest assured that graduates who intern after college have nothing to stress about. A few reasons you shouldn’t stress about unpaid, post-grad internships:   

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