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It’s Your Move: How to Create a Compelling Personal Marketing Plan

personal marketing plan

In the game of chess, the very best players do not make their first move until they have planned their last.  During job search, the same strategic logic applies.

So before you start looking, it’s time to create a personal marketing plan…   

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The Gambler’s Guide to a Strategic Job Search [Infographic]

strategic job search

True success isn’t always all in the cards. In most card games, the luck of the draw is only one element in a winning strategy. You have to know the rules. You must play your cards right. And you have to stick with a well thought out plan. The same is true in life. To find the perfect career, you need a little bit of luck and the right cards in your hand. But most of all you need a strategic job search. As the song goes: “You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em,   

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