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5 Internship Lessons from The Rich and Famous

Famous Interns

MindFloss recently published a new video about 25 famous people who started their careers as interns at the bottom of the totem pole. From news anchors like Anderson Cooper to fashion designers such as Betsey Johnson, successful people from almost every industry got their start as an intern.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration during your internship, here are five important lessons to take away from history’s most famous interns…   

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What Advice Would Steve Jobs Give to Today’s Interns?

When talking internship advice the other day, I remembered an interesting post by Carmine Gallo in Entrepreneur called, “Steve Jobs and the 7 Rules for Success”. In that piece, Gallo provided a synopsis of the seven rules Jobs lived by during his run as an entrepreneurial magician.

And then I thought: what if Jobs (an intern himself early in his career) presented these same seven rules for success to those just starting their summer internships?   

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Petrified of Public Speaking? Inspiration from 5 All-star Orators

Public Speaking

Speaking to a group of people is a challenge that terrifies most people. The idea that hundreds (or thousands) of people are watching your every move is downright nerve-wracking.

Before taking the stage at your next public speaking engagement, take a deep breath and learn from the best.

I’ve compiled some of the strongest examples of public speaking that can be easily emulated by the everyday presenter. Here are 5 all-star orators to look to for guidance, and the attributes you can include in your next speech to excel on the mic:   

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Stop Living with the Results of Other People’s Thinking

This weekend, I came across this poster on Google Plus… and it actually made me stop… and think. Really think.

Not because I’m a big believer in motivational quotes delivered via social media.

This made me stop and think because in just 65 words this poster encapsulates several strong messages that apply to everyone of us – regardless of our age, backgrounds, ambitions, education, experience or the paths we’ve chosen.   

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7 Rules for Success Steve Jobs Would Give to Inspire Interns

If Steve Jobs gave career advice to interns, what would he say? Carmine Gallo’s blog post, “Steve Jobs and the 7 Rules for Success” got me to thinking about the answer to that question. If Jobs gave 7 Rules for Success to inspire interns, here’s what I imagine he’d say.   

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Top 10 Reasons Steve Jobs Will Be Missed… By Apple Employees

The world is buzzing about Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO of Apple. In their own words, here are the Top 10 reasons Apple employees will miss this highly-rated CEO and groundbreaking innovator.   

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