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12 Unique Skills Millennials Need for Career Success


Our friends at YEC asked members of their council this question from a reader… we thought the answers were enlightening for members of the YouTern community. Read on!

Question: What’s one unusual skill employees need to get promoted faster at a start-up or small biz?   

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The New Economy: 3 Rules Business Must Follow to Succeed

There are a few principles that companies will have to thoroughly integrate into the way they work if they wish to succeed in the new economy. All organizations in the new economy must be:

1. Connected
2. Human, and
3. Meaningful

Anything you can do to align the human systems of your company to operate more in these ways will help it thrive in the new world.   

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5 Start-up Lessons Movies Taught Us

Movies provide a fun escape from our everyday reality – and with the economy over the past few years, a bit of non-reality is definitely in need. Movies entertain, educate, spark discussion… We often leave a movie with a different perspective than the one we took with us into the theater.

From the perspective of a start-up, we can learn a great deal from Hollywood.

Here are the Top 5 lessons we learn from watching movies:   

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Top 5 Tips From a Start-up CEO (After One Year of On-the-Job Training)

I do not have a Harvard MBA. I’m not a “#u30pro” (but secretly wish I was). I’m not a social networking God (but am getting better).

I am a former engineer trained in the Air Force. I’m a consistent workaholic. I am a passionate entrepreneur. And, I’m an OJT CEO.

as a lot of you have likely experienced in your entrepreneurial endeavors…it hasn’t all been fun and fireworks. Now is a good time to reflect and share with you what went right, and what didn’t…   

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