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Good News for Grads: Some College Majors Earning Major Bucks

College Major Earnings

Just a few short years ago the news for college grads was all doom and gloom. It was virtually a guarantee, it was said, you’d graduate and move straight into your parents’ basement.

Fast forward to 2013: the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer (and it isn’t an oncoming train)…   

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Where Will You Find the Best Starting Salaries for Your Major?


The first thing on any starving student’s mind when it comes to graduation is…money. I think we all understood, not all degrees were created equal. But what we might not have thought of is just where in our industry would we make the biggest bang for our buck?

Thanks to the recent NACE Survey we now can answer that question… and learn where to make major bucks, with our major…   

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