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The New Economy: 3 Rules Business Must Follow to Succeed

There are a few principles that companies will have to thoroughly integrate into the way they work if they wish to succeed in the new economy. All organizations in the new economy must be:

1. Connected
2. Human, and
3. Meaningful

Anything you can do to align the human systems of your company to operate more in these ways will help it thrive in the new world.   

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A New Management Philosophy: The Peak vs. the Path

In our companies we push for “peak performance.” This makes perfect sense, because want and need individuals to perform their best at work, whatever that may look like in their particular role.

But oftentimes, we get so obsessed with the “peak” that we forget about the “path.” We create a list of what we think greatness looks like (many businesses call this list “competencies”) and demand everyone measure up.

The thing about a path, though, is that every person’s path is a little different.   

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5 Strategies to Keep Your Gen Y Talent Happy

Every company wants the new generation of innovative and vibrant talent, but few companies have figured out how to successfully retain the “rockstars” who can help catapult their company or team to the next level.

Retaining phenomenal talent has always been difficult, but doing so with this demographic poses new challenges: salary and title are no longer enough, because Gen Y has a completely different barometer of success and happiness.

What is really happening, and how can we utilize the tools that a number of budding startups are creating to solve some of these issues?   

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How To Kill A Passionate Startup

A short startup story:

From the seed of a new idea grows a great business concept.

The passionate leader rallies a small group around his or her cause and begins to build a movement.

Investors see dollar signs.

As the crowd grows, it becomes more difficult to manage.   

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Life (and Job Search!) Advice from the Co-Founder Of LinkedIn

Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn, has a new book out called “The Start-up of You.” … Although Hoffman’s book focuses on professional advice, these are also great tips for job seekers. Here are the top three tips I took away from Zwilling’s article.   

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Are Your Employees Really Ready to Work Remotely?

Question: I want to start letting my employees work from home. What risks should I be aware of and how can I avoid them? (name one risk)   

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