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How to Beat the Competition and Win that Coveted Internship

coveted internship

As we look forward to the fall season, competition for an internship is quite high. The key to getting a clear shot at a coveted internship? You must stand out in the crowd of resumes and applications.

Today, it isn’t enough to list your experiences and accomplishments. You must remember the rules of marketing…

You’ve got to focus on creating a product that the consumer desires.    

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Creative Cover Letters: How to Stand Out Without Getting Thrown Out

creative cover letters

Utilizing creative cover letters can be tricky. They’re tricky because they have no real rules (like the Wild West of the Career World).

A lot of people, especially recent graduates, often feel tempted to write unique cover letters to show off their personality…   

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Rise Above the Competition: Be Brave Enough to Be the Different Candidate

Be the different candidate

Unemployment is low. Companies ARE hiring, but they aren’t hiring everyone. They are in the position to be very being very picky about the candidates they hire.

Everyone is looking for candidate who stands out from the competition. Are you brave enough to be different?   

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Job Interview 101: How to Rise Above in a Competitive Job Market

competitive job market

In today’s competitive job market, the hiring process can take more than several months to complete. That means it might be a while before an interview is scheduled.

How do best take advantage of this suspenseful limbo period? You learn how to rise above the competition in your job interviews.   

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Customized Cover Letters Get You Noticed and Get You Hired

customized cover letters

Searching for a job can be time-consuming. It’s tempting to cut corners and send a mass-produced letter, but doing so can hurt your chances of making the first cut and landing a first interview. Customized cover letters can be the first step in getting hired.   

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So Employers Notice You Later… Work Hard Now

Finding unique ways to stand out among all your job seeking competition is time consuming, and certainly doesn’t guarantee employment… but consistent effort will make all the difference!

You might not see it now, but all those hours dedicated to service or leading others will look great on your resume. Employers know these activities build transferable skills… and that it takes an organized and conscientious individual to achieve outside of school…   

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