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How to Communicate Effectively in High-Pressure Situations [Infographic]

communicate effectively

When the chips are down and the pressure rises, do find yourself engaged in a verbal fencing match with colleagues or supervisors? Do you feel like you just can’t get your point across?  How we talk and how we listen are always important, but when the pressure is on, this becomes even more important. During stressful times at work, it it’s easy to create misunderstandings that result in adding more stress to the situation. At times like this, it is helpful to re-examine how we interact with co-workers and learn to communicate effectively.   

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Listening Skills: 8 Tips for Better Communication [Infogrpahic]

listening Skills

Are you listening? Even when we have the best of intentions, we can easily become distracted when trying to listen to others. Good listening skills are just not something most of us think about. But, if we can learn how to practice active listening, which involves not only offering attention but also communicating our comprehension, we can look smarter, feel better, and enhance all our interpersonal relationships at work and at home.   

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Effective Communication: The Most Important Soft Skill [Infographic]

effective communication

Communication plays a big part in our lives. We communicate everyday all the time. With productivity on the rise, people need to do more but with less time to offer. Having clear and effective communication has become ever more crucial, and it’s a skill you can learn. Effective communication skills are one of the most sought-after soft skills in business.   

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The Art of Asking Questions: An Overlooked Career Skill [Infographic]

asking questions

Sitting around the office not knowing what to do is not the best way to succeed. Neither is hiding your ignorance from your colleagues and boss. Asking questions not only improves your creative thinking, but it demonstrates your listening and comprehension skills. It shows that you are engaged and eager to learn. Asking any old questions won’t do, though. Asking the right questions can mean the difference between career success and stagnation.   

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10 Critical Skills for Career Success in the Coming Year [Infographic]

critical skills

Work today is increasingly collaborative and focused on solving complex problems in creative ways. This trend can only continue in the years and decades ahead. Work is also more trans-disciplinary than before. Those static, hard skills you learned in college are becoming less and less relevant. Oh, there will always be a need for knowledgeable experts, especially in STEM fields. But the critical skills of the future can’t be learned in a traditional classroom.   

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Productivity Killers: 3 Bandits Stealing Your Time [Infographic]

productivity killers

Many of us don’t get as much work done as they would like to. Distractions add up as the day goes by and affect our productivity. Managing time efficiently and focusing on high-value work can help defeat the productivity killers you run into every day.   

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