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Social Learning: How Do We Learn In-Demand Soft Skills? [Infographic]

social learning

More and more, potential employers are looking at soft skills to differentiate between equally qualified candidates. Today’s businesses want to focus on connecting with people. Soft skills facilitate the connection between coworkers and between customers and employees. They include all personal interaction and emotional intelligence skills such as being positive and friendly, communicating well, solving problems, observing, organizing, adapting and more. But how do we acquire these skills? We learn them from each other through social learning.   

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Communication Breakdown: 3 Avoidable Mistakes Job Seekers Make


What you say isn’t always perceived the way you intend. These are three examples of communication mishaps job seekers make.   

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Daily Time Management: The Personal Productivity Skill [Infographic]

personal productivity

Time is one of our most valuable commodities. As they say, time wasted is the one thing you can never get back.

Subsequently, time management and personal productivity have become some of the most essential life skills to master…   

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Sound Professional: Like… Stop Using Filler Words, Man [Infographic]

avoid filler words

So… Um… Like, do you find yourself using, you know, too much verbal filler? We all do it sometimes, especially when we’re nervous. In fact, for most of us it takes a conscious effort to avoid it. But eliminating verbal filler from your speech patterns, particularly at work, can help you project confidence, instill trust, and sound professional.   

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Professional Respect: How to Be Taken Seriously at the Office

professional respect

Whether you’re the youngest, the least experienced, a new recruit, or all of the above, proving yourself can feel like an uphill challenge. The earlier you can prove yourself though, the sooner you’ll relax into the role and be able to perform to your best ability.

Here are a few tips on gaining professional respect…   

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New Soft Skills: The Evolution of the Workplace [Infographic]

new soft skills

The soft skills necessary to be successful change as the workplace evolves, and certainly as we embrace new technologies and methodologies. Learning these new skills and ways of doing things can help you remain at the top of any candidate pool.

But, what are the new soft skills you need to learn?   

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