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The World’s Most Underrated Career Skills (And How to Get Them)


Soft skills are the new black. Communications skills, leadership skills, problem solving skills… all among the most in-demand by employers.

However, there are other soft skills that, while not as popular as “work ethic” and “analytical thinking”, make all the difference…   

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The Top 10 Skills for the 21st Century Young Professional [Infographic]

For every open position, there are hundreds of applicants from those who – from a technical point of view – could do the job. What sets candidates apart now goes past your technical skills, however. What counts now is the soft skills the recruiter believes you bring to the job – as well as your ability to develop and implement further skills while working. But what skills are most in demand? And how does a young professional develop these skills when they aren’t necessarily taught in college as directly as “Collaboration 101”? This infographic by University of Phoenix details the   

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