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Is Your Online Presence Visible Enough for Social Recruiters?

Social social recruiting is certainly not going away.

According to the most recent CareerBuilder study of over 2,000 U.S. human resource and hiring managers, over 50% of hiring managers use social media to assess candidates…   

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How Can You Leverage Social Recruiting to Find a New Job?


Recruiting candidates isn’t what it used to be… and we don’t mean generations ago. We’re talking over the course of the past few years. Employers now use “social recruiting” as a major component of their hiring strategy. What is it? Social recruiting is what companies and recruiters do when they use the “social networking sites,” like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Google Plus to find candidates.

Is your personal brand and job search ready for social recruiting? Let’s find out.   

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Are You a “Socially Acceptable” Job Seeker? [Infographic]

To gain an advantage in your job search, you must know how and what recruiters think as they evaluate job seekers. In 2013, that means understanding the extensive role social media plays in the recruiting process.

Take a look at this thorough infographic from Jobvite that detaisl how recruiters utilize social media… and then use this information to manage and improve your social media presence. Your goal: become a more “socially acceptable” candidate!   

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The New Resume: Your Online Content (and Digital Reputation)

Online Reputation

Online content and reputation management matters more than most job seekers realize.

As the information by you – and about you – is uploaded, posted and stored online continues to grow, what starts to emerge is a composite picture of job candidates and their reputation management. Think of the online world as a giant resource that adds up to the sum of you… and the reputation that you have built…   

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How HR Uses Social Media to Screen Candidates [INFOGRAPHIC]


It’s true… more recruiters now use social media as their first filter to narrow down the pool of candidates. At more and more companies – before you ever get to say a word for yourself in an interview – your social media footprint speaks for you.

Check out this interesting infographic from Reppler, a tool to manage your online image, to learn more about how recruiters use social media to screen candidates… and increase your chances of getting that next interview by knowing how recruiters think…   

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