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Social Networking: How Well Do You Work The Online Room?


Imagine you’re attending a career fair. Your goal: securing a job interview. You wouldn’t dream of sitting in the lobby waiting for the employer to come out to you, would you?

Instead, you would seek the right people out, build relationships, and deliver your elevator pitch in order to start a meaningful conversation.

Then why do so many employ the “sit and wait” strategy with their social media presence?   

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On Its 10th Birthday… How Facebook Has Transformed Recruiting


Recruiters have been early adopters of Facebook, using it to tap into the large array of talent that’s available in every industry imaginable. During this celebration of the decade of social media, let’s take a look at how Facebook has transformed the recruitment industry as we know it today.   

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How to Take Your LinkedIn Profile from Good to Great [Infographic]


45 million profiles are viewed each day on LinkedIn… a staggering statistic that reinforces the need to stand out when a recruiter, colleague or influencer finds you. After all, each view is a potential networking connection – and career opportunity.

To help ensure your LinkedIn profile is representing your professional brand well – and creating the right first impression – here are five things LinkedIn says you can do, right now, to make sure your profile shines…   

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How to Build the Perfect LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]


In today’s job market, a LinkedIn profile (yes, for students and young professionals, too) is pretty much required.

Because you’re competing for attention with another 225+ million users, you’ll want make yourself stand out from the crowd with these tips on how to build the perfect LinkedIn profile as shown in this infographic from Link Humans!…   

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Which Are You… a Linker, Liker or Tweeter?


As I write this post, there are still only three main social media outlets: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Let’s focus on the three current biggest social media sites for an informal – but incredibly accurate – personality test. Ready?

This test has only one question:

Which of the three main social networks do you prefer? (Not which do you spend a lot of time on, but where do you feel most at ease, or in your element?)   

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The Clone Wars? Top 10 Over-used Buzzwords on LinkedIn


Do you describe yourself or your work history as “creative”, “organizational”, or “effective”, on your LinkedIn profile? Well, you and 187 million other LinkedIn members had the same idea in 2012 as these words were the top three most overused LinkedIn buzzwords.

Let’s spice up your LinkedIn Profile this year to help you stand out against the crowd online. Read on to see how LinkedIn experts have outlined some advice for creating a better LinkedIn profile in 2013:   

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