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How LinkedIn’s Open Candidates Saves Time for Job Seekers

open candidates

Tired of your regular job and ready for a change?

Then you need to know about LinkedIn’s Open Candidates function…   

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Searching Social: Finding a Job on Social Media [Infographic]

searching social

To help you navigate the complex interaction between social media and your job search, we present the following infographic from Rawhide.org.

In it, you’ll find statistics that reveal the immense power of social sites to make you job search successful. It will remind you, however, that social media can also break your chances of landing your dream job.   

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Syncing LinkedIn with Your Resume for Optimal Impact

syncing linkedin

One of the biggest mistakes I see job seekers make? Not syncing LinkedIn and their resume; two of their most powerful job search tools.

Not only do job seekers fail to make LinkedIn and their resume stronger on their own. They also don’t think about how not doing this can work against them.   

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Reshaping Job Searches: Can Social Media Get You a Job? [Infographic]

reshaping job searches

The internet and our global business community has, for some time now, made an online element essential to job search. After all, job boards, company websites, and global resume banks have now been a factor for almost two decades.

So what’s next on the horizon?    

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6 Ways to Use Effective Personal Branding to Enhance Your Job Search

effective personal branding

Effective Personal branding is what sets you apart. It’s what makes you more hirable, and more likable, than someone with similar qualifications. According to career experts, if you’re in the running for a new job, you will be Googled. Make sure you’re crafting a consistent, professional, and original personal brand across your social media platforms and into your job application materials.   

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A Comprehensive LinkedIn Profile Guide for Career Advancement, Part 2

comprehensive linkedin profile

In “A Comprehensive LinkedIn Profile Guide For Career Advancement, Part 1” we discussed the basics and the first 11 points on the 22 point checklist.

In Part 2, we feature the remaining items on that checklist, fleshing out your professional profile and setting the table for success…   

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