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11 Tips for Job Seekers Who Want to Stand Out Online

stand out online

A growing majority of people are using their social media presence to help them find a job.

But not everyone is successful. And not every approach works. The fact is it can be tough to stand out online…   

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Social Media Job Search: The Job Hunting Equalizer [Infographic]

social media job search

The internet has become an essential job-seeking resource. In fact, today less than 5 percent of all employers ignore using social media for hiring.

So a social media job search has, for many, become the job hunting equalizer…


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6 Ways to Empower Your Social Media Job Search

social media job

All the tools you need to market yourself and turn Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr into powerful search engines for finding work are built into the sites themselves.

So read on as we break down a few quick and easy ways to empower your social media job search…   

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Traditional Resumes: Soon To Be a Thing of the Past?


There was a time when a piece of a paper with all your past experience was the key to opening the door.

With some big companies opting for new approaches in their recruitment strategies, however; traditional resumes might be going the way of the CD-Rom…   

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Is Your Profile Ready to Launch a Facebook Job Search?

facebook job search

Are you ready for a Facebook job search?

As Facebook has begun rolling out their job board, what appears in your profile has never been more important…   

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The Social Job Search: Social Media Tips for Job Seekers [Infographic]

social job search

Social networking has become career networking. In order to stay ahead of the game, prospective social media job seekers need to stay informed.

This infographic from Tutors Umbrella gives you the scoop on the social media job search today…   

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