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How Does Your Social Footprint Look to a Recruiter? [Infographic]

In the old days (like 3 or 4 years ago), as recruiters narrowed down a list of candidates, they would walk step-by-step through the best recruiting method available to them: Do a face-to-face interview Check references hand-picked by the candidate Rely partly on instinct, and partly on hope that the candidate was sincere during the interview process Make an largely uninformed hiring decision Ultimately, this process didn’t allow recruiters any objective insight into candidates… other than what they were told. Social media changed all that. And smart job seekers are taking full advantage. Social media gives savvy recruiters and hiring   

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Forget the Resume! Why a Focus on Social Media Footprint Wins


So you spent hours writing, re-writing, editing and generally obsessing over your resume? Your resume is important, so that’s a good start.

A good start?!

If you think that this one document is going to land you that dream job… think again. Where you should focus more of your energy is on your social media footprint.   

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