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8 Ways to Ensure Your Twitter Bio Helps Establish Your Professional Brand

professional brand

Can you establish your professional brand in 160 characters or less? If you have a Twitter account, you already have.

In fact, your Twitter bio is key to establishing your professional brand on Twitter…

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Boring LinkedIn Profile? 3 Ways to Add Some Pizazz and Get Noticed

boring linkedin profile

Like all social media, your LinkedIn profile only serves its purpose when the information presented is complete an you remain active. After all, a boring or unattended LinkedIn profile can cause you to be overlooked just as much as an incomplete or messy one.

So what can you do to add a little pizazz to your page?   

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How Good is Your Profile? Do You Know Your LinkedIn Score?

LinkedIn Score

I do many LinkedIn profile critiques each week for my clients. They really look forward to receiving my overall grade along with the specific areas I feel they can improve.

I also tell them how they can get a LinkedIn score right from the source…   

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Personal Branding Strategy: 10 Steps Toward a New You [Infographic]

personal branding strategy

What do many of those who achieve professional success today have in common?

They’ve developed a dynamic personal branding strategy. One that consistently communicates their true value to the world.   

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Social Media Job Search Facts Revealed [Infographic]

social media job search

The modern job search is a global, digital revolution. And social media is how employers connect with potential candidates.

Are you on board?   

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4 Great Ways to Job Search on Social (That You Haven’t Tried Yet)


Despite the popularity of social media, many job seekers don’t yet realize how best to use social media in their job search. They have accounts on all the right platforms. They tweet, post, share and like until their fingers bleed… and… nothing.

For those job seekers who have been using social media during their job or internship hunt, but haven’t landed a new gig, here are four ways social media can help you   

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