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The Social Age Job Search: 7 New Soft Skills Now Required

Social Age Soft Skills

Today, employers are looking for soft skills no one even talked about five years ago.

And yet these skills have become so critical in the Social Age, that we simply must demonstrate them as we strive to compete well in today’s job market.   

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9 Soft Skills You Must Master in the Social Age [Infographic]

9 Critical Soft Skills

More and more, soft skills are the winning the battle against technical skills… and are helping those who have mastered these skills earn job offers.

And while almost every list of in-demand soft skills includes things like “communication” and “analytical thinking” (what is that, anyway?), we wanted to share this simple new take on soft skills by CreativeRoom4Talk.com…   

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Marketing Majors: Avoid Becoming an Industry Dinosaur [Infographic]


As we transition from Industrial Age best practices into Social Age reality, one thing is clear: business will never be the same.

And no place is that more true than marketing. Today, there are so many channels that didn’t even exist a decade ago that we can’t count them all…   

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#InternPro Chat Recap: “How to Excel in the Social Age Job Search”

#InternPro Chat Twitter

The Social Age is here… and so many things have changed in a short amount of time. Specifically, the job search looks dramatically different than it did even five years ago.

So how do we deal with the changes? What has made the most impact on how we get hired? How do we excel in the Social Age job search?   

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How to Become a Social Age Master Networker [Infographic]

Networker infographic

In the early days of social media, it was enough just to be on social. We didn’t have to engage or provide value to be considered successful. Instead, we tracked vanity metrics like number of followers and likes.

Not so now. Today, in the Social Age, engagement is expected. Value is required. And relationships matter…   

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3 Old-School Career Myths Exposed (Do You Really Want a Job?)

job myths

If you’re reading this post on YouTern, there’s a more than an even chance you’re ambitious. If you weren’t, you’d probably spend your time on YouSlacker.com instead. Since you’re here, you’re eager for useful advice on building your career. First stop: awesome, resume-building internships. Next up: the coolest, resume-building job you can land. Here’s the thing, though – and I hope this doesn’t freak you out too much… You may want to rethink that whole plan. You may not want a real job after all; you may not even want to build your resume. A caveat: I’m the last person   

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