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15 Apps to Make You an Awesome Intern

Apps for Interns

Want to be the best intern, ever? There’s an app for that.

Technically, there are tons of apps to keep you organized, sharp, and constantly learning—everything you need to impress your new boss. And all most all of them are free!

So, grab your smartphone and start using it for exactly what it was meant to do– to help you become an awesome intern!   

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10 Smartphone Apps to Power a Successful Job Search

Smartphone Apps

When I quit my job in October, I wondered, was my career path about to burn out, or soar to the top? With a stagnant job market, I knew I had to be aggressive to find my dream job.

Once I succeeded in finding my dream job, I wanted to share my secrets. I made the following guide to help with networking, job search, and preparing for interviews in the coming year. Compare these iPhone and Android accessories that helped me succeed, and they will help you, too.   

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