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How to Answer the Important Job Interview Questions NOT Asked

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Part of the stress that comes with a job interview is the knowledge that the hiring manager has a list of questions she may ask, and you don’t always know what’s on the list.

Sometimes, however, as you strive to highlight the skills and accomplishments that make you stand out as a candidate, you might find that there are a few questions that did not get asked…   

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2015 Grads Looking to Small Employers to Find Work

small business

Heads up! Various reports are suggesting that the small employer market may be the best place for the class of 2015 to look for jobs. For example, a recent USA Today article reported increased hiring by employers of 50 employees or less.

For the class of 2015, this is great news…   

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8 Costly Assumptions Job Seekers Just Can’t Make


The process of looking for a job or internship is rife with possible assumptions—about job requirements, company culture, what happened during the application and interview process and even what you believe you can achieve.

Here are eight assumptions about job search and how you can keep them from holding you back.   

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How to Help Recruiters Find Your Profile on LinkedIn


Things on LinkedIn aren’t so simple now. LinkedIn has gotten ridiculously crowded, and many people – on both sides of the interview table – haven’t adapted to the new reality. Recruiters and candidates are not finding each other on LinkedIn anywhere near quickly enough…

If you would like to start receiving random phone calls from recruiters in your field, you’ll need to deliberately help recruiters find your profile…   

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5 Ways to Make Sure a Recruiter Reads Your Resume


Many job seekers eagerly wait for a response and wonder where their application ends up. Some wonder if anyone ever saw their resume! As a recruiter at Simply Hired I’m here to tell you what happens after you hit the submit button. The good news: Don’t worry. We received your resume. It’s not lost. The bad news: Many factors come into play before your resume gets seen by human eyes. From my experience, here’s five ways to beat those robots reading your resume: 1. After You Send Your Resume It Enters an Online System Before a recruiter ever sees your resume it   

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Let the Holiday Spirit Help You Become a Networking Natural!


With the holidays upon us – spending time with family, exchanging gifts and reveling in the warmth of season – I’ve been thinking a lot about generosity. And I’ve begun to realize that networking has parallels to the generous cheer associated with the holidays.

Networking, too, is about generosity… a willingness to give without expecting something in return…   

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