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40 Most Important Social Media Tips for HR Professionals

Human resources is the art of working with humans (hence the name). And anyone concerned with dealing with today’s humans had better be prepared to also deal with social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are now ubiquitous platforms that are not satisfied being confined to our private lives.

So for streamlining your responsibilities at work, and moving your own career along, check out these 40 crucial pointers about incorporating social media into your life as an HR pro.   

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It’s Time for HR to Die

My industry is falling apart… and I couldn’t be happier about it.


Because it is time for HR to die.

This might sound like something melodramatic or vindictive, but truthfully, it’s neither. Let me explain.   

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The New Normal: Your College Degree Will NOT Get You a Job

What is it about human nature that will not allow us to change the way we think… no matter how wrong we are?

Case in point: college students, despite all evidence to the contrary, still believe that once they graduate a diploma will somehow land them a dream job. Their parents believe it. Those in our higher education system believe it (or at least want to believe it).

And they are all wrong. Dead wrong.   

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Stop the Insanity! A Call for Resume Format Standardization

There are too many myths and conflicting advice from the human resource world on how résumés should be written. One HR professional provides feedback to a job seeker to revise their document, only to have a different HR person tell the candidate that they prefer a format. What’s a job seeker to do?!

We need an accepted resume format that HR folks agree on, that job seekers can reliably trust will be acceptable.   

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