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The Art of LinkedIn Bragging: This No Time to Be Humble

LinkedIn bragging

Well, there definitely is a fine line between being real and authentic on your LinkedIn profile and appearing boastful or pretentious. However, it’s extremely important to clearly show people why you are expert at what you do and share valuable information with your network.   

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To Win the Interview, You Need a Plan: A 30-60-90 Day Plan

30-60-90 day plan

If you’ve been invited back for your second or third interview and you want to really “Wow” the interview, learn how a 30-60-90 Day plan can seal the deal!   

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Self-Promotion: The Key Job Search Skill You Never Knew You Needed


As a job seeker, you need to develop an important set of new skills. Job search requires self-promotion! You must learn how to think like a marketer and learn the basics of selling!   

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Selling Yourself to the Right People at Your LinkedIn Store

linkedin store

If you owned a retail store and a potential buyer entered your front door, would you ignore him or her? Of course not. Well, that’s what many people are doing in their “LinkedIn store.”

And then they wonder why they aren’t getting any quantifiable results from using the site…   

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Personal Branding Advice: Listen to the Voice of Reason [Infographic]

personal branding advice

given the rise of remote work opportunities, you may not meet your future employer face-to-face for quite some time. But potential employers will see how you present yourself online.

So today’s best personal branding advice is all about helping you create a great first impression. And today, that happens well before your first in-person meeting.   

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Tailored Resumes: How to Show You’re the Best Candidate for the Job

tailored resumes

Follow these steps to carefully tailor your resume for each job. Sure, it’s extra effort.

But by doing so, you’ll become that candidate who’ll make a recruiter jump on their swivel chair a la Tom Cruise, and shout “Finally… got one!”   

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