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LinkedIn: More Than Just an Online Resume

The number one myth about LinkedIn: simply pasting your resume into your profile is all you need to do to get results.

LinkedIn is a powerful resource with the ability to connect you to the influencers and answers you need to build your career. It is meant to be actively used, both while you are in job search mode and after you have a new job…   

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The Keys to Successful Resolutions: Measurable Goals and Deadlines

Over the weekend, we were shouting our New Years resolutions from the rooftops – and our keyboards.

I can already tell which of those will fail. So can you. “I want to lose weight” – fail. “I will drink less coffee” – fail. “I will have better work-life balance” – sadly, fail.

Now compare that to the achievable resolutions that stand a chance of success…   

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Our Best Career Advice: Top 5 Blogs in 2010

When YouTern launched a few months ago, we set out to move the mindset of both employers and interns away from antiquated “coffee and copy” and “go-fer” internships. Instead, we wanted to set expectations that an intern experience should be mutually beneficial – with effective mentorship as a key.

We’d also hoped to energize those entering the workforce to realize they were CEO’s of their careers…   

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