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How (and When) to Quit Your First Job

First Job

With Simply Hired data showing six consecutive months of job growth this year, the outlook is getting brighter for job seekers across the country.

But if you’re still working (and learning from) your first job, is that a good enough reason to make the leap to a new job?   

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5 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Network (and Career)

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I can see my resume and my cover letter. I can view my LinkedIn profile at will. I see the results of the latest project I worked on; same with my colleagues and customers. For me, though, my network—an intangible workhorse plugging away on my behalf 24/7—was hard to visualize or touch, and therefore invisible.

The reality, however, is that whether you choose to see it or not, your network is incredibly valuable—and just may determine the quality of your career.    

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When Recruiters Ask: “Do You Have Any Questions for Me?”


Preparing for an interview can be overwhelming. Putting your hopes and dreams into words isn’t easy; even putting together the most professional outfit you own can be stressful.

And then there are the interview questions that cause anxiety even for the most confident. Especially the one we’re all sure to encounter, but very few prepare for adequately…   

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