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9 Powerful Tips for Negotiating a Job Offer that Works for You

job offer

If you don’t ask for what you want, the answer will always be no! This is especially true when it comes to salary negotiations. However, you can also negotiate other elements of a job offer.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of negotiating a job offer, follow these 9 powerful tips…

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The Big Question: Should You Ask for a Pay Raise [Infographic]

pay raise

This handy infographic from PayScale provides you with an easy to follow flow chart that will help you decide if the time is right to ask for a pay raise.

As you’ll see, you have to consider more than just when it might be right for the company…   

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How to Answer “What is Your Current Salary?” During a Job Interview

current salary

How do you address your salary when an interviewer asks about your current salary? How do you convey how much you’re looking for in your next role?

These are tough conversations during a job interview… but the discussions must occur.    

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5 Ways to Get the Salary You Want and Deserve [Infographic]

salary you want

Negotiating your salary well may be one of the most important aspects of your career.

After all, you should get the salary you want and deserve…   

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Nervous About Salary Negotiation? Here’s How to Do it Like a Pro

salary negotiation

Salary negotiation isn’t part of your everyday job, but it is an essential part of getting fair compensation for your work. Unsurprisingly, it’s an anxiety-inducing event for most employees, especially millennials. Here, we put together a list of five tips to help millennials negotiate salary like a pro.   

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Salary Negotiation: Never Fall Into this Trap!

salary negotiation

When it comes to salary negotiation, experts will tell you to postpone such discussions until you’ve been offered the job.

That does not mean you should wait until that time to craft your negotiation story.   

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