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How to Build a Killer Resume When You’re Currently Working

typing resume

Working full-time can prevent you from pursuing your dream job. Whether it’s whipping up desserts at your own bakery shop or exploring the Amazon in search of new animal species, the dreams you once aspired to achieve should not be set aside completely to satisfy short-term needs.   

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Mind the Gap: How to Address Resume Employment Gaps

resume employment gaps

A professional resume writer has several tricks up her sleeve to address potential red flags that might concern an employer… including resume employment gaps.

As it puts you in the best light, an effective resume should always be honest and accurate, yet grey out areas that might appear to an employer as a negative…   

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Key to Success: Knowing How Recruiters Read Resumes

recruiters read resumes

How do you land that dream job? Knowing how recruiters read resumes is critical… and the first step is making is it past your prospective employer’s applicant tracking system. Even after an ATS narrows things down to a (somewhat) manageable stack of resumes, there are often still too many for recruiters and hiring managers to give serious consideration to each one. So, when a hiring manager sits down to start working through a stack of resumes, they spend about six seconds scanning them to see which ones they can eliminate right off the bat. That might sound unfair, but it’s really just   

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5 Resume Mistakes You Can NEVER Make

resume mistakes

I am simply amazed by the resume mistakes I see. The misspellings, the run on sentences, the formatting, and the blatant lack of attention to detail are simply astounding… I need a red pen just to mark up the resume! As I have said more than once, even in the age of social media and LinkedIn, resumes are essential in your job search. Which means there are common resume mistakes that must be eliminated. I want to share with you some of those common errors and hopefully you will NEVER make these mistakes. After all, a resume is, in many   

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How to Show 10 Top Soft Skills in Your Resume

soft skills highly regarded by employers

Soft skills are a critical aspect of your professional brand. But which soft skills are highly regarded by most employers and recruiters?

Just as important, how do you demonstrate you have those soft skills on your resume and LinkedIn profile?   

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Get Your Resume Noticed: 20 Examples of Accomplishment Statements

gold stars accomplishment statements

To make a resume really stand out, there’s an essential strategy you must put in play…

You must ditch the “job duties” you’ve peppered throughout your resume and replace them with accomplishment statements!   

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