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5 Resume Mistakes You Can NEVER Make

resume mistakes

I am simply amazed by the resume mistakes I see. The misspellings, the run on sentences, the formatting, and the blatant lack of attention to detail are simply astounding… I need a red pen just to mark up the resume! As I have said more than once, even in the age of social media and LinkedIn, resumes are essential in your job search. Which means there are common resume mistakes that must be eliminated. I want to share with you some of those common errors and hopefully you will NEVER make these mistakes. After all, a resume is, in many   

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How to Show 10 Top Soft Skills in Your Resume

soft skills highly regarded by employers

Soft skills are a critical aspect of your professional brand. But which soft skills are highly regarded by most employers and recruiters?

Just as important, how do you demonstrate you have those soft skills on your resume and LinkedIn profile?   

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Get Your Resume Noticed: 20 Examples of Accomplishment Statements

gold stars accomplishment statements

To make a resume really stand out, there’s an essential strategy you must put in play…

You must ditch the “job duties” you’ve peppered throughout your resume and replace them with accomplishment statements!   

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4 Questions to Make Job Seekers More Confident Marketers


It’s hard to look objectively at yourself sometimes and pull that necessary information out.

So here are a few questions you will want to ask yourself to be able to provide that insightful, marketable information, whether it’s in a resume, an interview, or a simple conversation…   

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3 Ways I Know You’re Lying On Your Resume

resume lies

I have spidey-senses that can tell me if someone is  fudging the truth on their resume. I mean if it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense; and it’s probably false or fudged. It’s that simple to me: I know you’re lying. This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are other signs, too. However, these are signs that almost 100% of the time prove the resume is false… and you are being less than honest. 1. Slash Titles Unless you are a business owner where you have your title and function listed in your resume title, i.e. “President   

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#InternPro Recap: The Skills You’re Leaving Off Your Resume But Shouldn’t


“I have a college degree, getting a job is going to be easy!”

Unfortunately, this is something that we hear all too often. But in today’s marketplace, a college degree is not enough…   

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