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Why I Threw Away My Resume (And You Should Too)

Delete Button

If you’re looking to hire me for either a full-time or project-based position, you should be aware of something: Don’t ask me for a resume. I’m done with it.

If you’re reading this as a job seeker and you’re also involved with creative, entrepreneurial and outside-the-box industries, you should do the same…   

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Land a Summer Job With These 3 Resume Tips

Summer Job Search

Summer is in full swing (Southern Hemisphere readers: come back and read this post in 6 months), and yet many people are still looking for summer jobs.

If you’re among them, use these resume format tips to boost your chances of success…   

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You Must Break These 2 Iron-Clad Resume Rules


Ask ten so-called “experts” for resume writing advice, and you’re bound to get 10 different responses.

Not all of them will take today’s job search into consideration, however. Two traits in particular, once touted as iron-clad requirements for a good resume, can now officially be put out to pasture…   

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10 Things NOT to Put on Your Resume [Infographic]

infomercial cv

We talk a lot about the right formatting of your resume, the use of keywords to get past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and what you should put on your resume. But we don’t talk enough about what should not go on your resume… the things employers see as a big red flags.

Today, we fix that. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t put on your resume…   

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How to Take Your Resume from Good to Great

Good to Great Resume

You have a pretty good resume: solid work history, relevant skills and keywords, and the best resume format to highlight it all. You’re ready to take the summer job market by storm.

But before you send it off to face those applicant tracking systems (ATS), your resume, no matter how good you may think it is now, could be better. And in most cases, in order to get an interview, it must be better…   

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The One Thing That Takes Resumes from Good to Great


In a job market where every word on your resume counts, we are prone to generalizations. The point of your resume, of course, is to concisely convey relevant information about your work history and potential.

To do this, you need to use real examples of achievement. You need to quantify… everything…   

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