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6 Simple Steps Toward a Glamorous Resume Makeover

resume makeover

Even if you’re not in full job-hunting mode, chances are you could use some resume help.

Here are six steps for a complete resume makeover for when you’re ready to enter the job hunt in full force…   

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Write a Winning Resume in 7 Simple Steps [Infographic]

Winning Resume

If you want to begin your resume with a strong foundation, take a look at the information presented here. Each step will help you build that winning resume, and that winning resume is the first step to the job you want and deserve.   

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Best Resume Words: Are Your Choices Working for You? [Infographic]

best resume words

A word is a powerful thing. This is particularly true when we think about the best resume words (and the worst).

Your resume is often your first impression with potential employers. The words you use can go a long way toward making that first impression a positive one… or not.   

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Free Resume Templates: Where to Find The Good Ones

free resume templates

If you want to present the best possible resume, here are a few resources for free resume templates.

Even if these don’t exactly work for your needs, you can use them as a starting point… and customize them to make the perfect resume.   

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Don’t Be Trapped by Old School Resume Writing Rules

resume writing rules

So what has changed in the last few years when it comes to resume writing rules, building a personal brand, and marketing yourself in today’s ultra-competitive and digitally-driven job market?

And what old school resume writing rules are no longer valid?   

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10 Simple Steps to a Much Better Resume

10 Steps to a Better Resume

Sometimes, we make writing a resume much (much!) harder than it need be.

Which is why we like this infographic from YellowLineLabs. Here, you’ll see that resume writing need not be a source of stress and frustration… and how taking the right steps can result in a much (much!) better resume…   

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