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After You Hit Send: What REALLY Happens to Your Resume?

What Happens Now

What really happens after you’ve submitted your résumé? What steps does the employer go through? What exactly is the employer looking for?

Finally, how does the employer decide whether or not your résumé ends up in the trash pin or the “must interview pile?   

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Even Little White Lies Will Hurt Your Career

Job Interview Fail

You find a job description that sounds awesome, only to realize the employer is looking for an intern with years of experience and a long list of skills.

But you want this internship. You need this internship! So what do you do in order to feel more qualified? More competitive? You lie…   

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7 Modern Resume Trends You May Have Missed [Infographic]


Just as fashion and technology trends change from decade to decade, so do job search and hiring trends.

And if you don’t keep up with those trends, your job search will suffer…   

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How to Write the Perfect the Skills Section of Your Resume

job skills

When you think about the different sections of your resume, which one is the most important? Which gets the attention of the employer first?

Your experience? Your education? Maybe your awards and achievements… or your college experience? It is none of those…   

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Should You Put That Short-term Job on Your Resume?

short term

It used to be that you could get away with not putting a short term job on a resume. After all, many recruiters see them as a filler, or a job hop.

However, in the Social Age, it is not uncommon to work short term, and you may actually hurt yourself more if you don’t put the job on the resume…   

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How to Match Your Resume to Every Job You Want [Infographic]

Match Job and Resume

When it comes to resumes, too many job seekers are still taking the one-size-fits-all approach. For them, it’s almost like going back in time when we went to Kinko’s to make 100 copies of our resume!

On the other  hand, the best job seekers know that each application submitted must be tailored to each job and company…   

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