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Make Your Resume Say More Than “Look, I Have a Degree!”

What Does Your Resume Say

It’s July and you’re all set to graduate this summer and enter the working world. But, although your resume may show you’ve been a star performer academically, when it comes to work experience, it’s looking decidedly thin on the ground. Before you start your job search, here are five ways to make an “experience-lite” resume feel more heavyweight.   

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How Can Recent Grads Explain a Lack of Real Experience?

no experience

I was listening to a radio station segment with a hiring manager and blogger Russell B on how to handle resume gaps. A fairly recent college graduate’s question caught my ear. Basically, he hadn’t found a job in a field even closely related to his major. He wondered how to handle work experience that isn’t directly relevant (as well as no experience at all) during an interview.

I thought it might be useful to offer a few thoughts on the subject related to both job interviews and resumes.   

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Winning Career Strategy: Research First, Job Search Last

Winning Career Strategy

Are you super frustrated with your job search, but you’re not sure why it’s not taking you anywhere?

I might have some insight. One of my primer questions is, “What’s your job search strategy?”

Many grads might think, mistakenly, that the Job Search is boiled down to resumes + interviews. Those are important components. But they are not the ONLY components. Ergo, our job search math: Resume + Interview ≠ Job Search

Once you leave campus, you need the skills for getting out there and doing the heavy lifting necessary for your job search. Here are the three questions I start with. Can you answer them for your job search?   

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Ask 3 Critical Questions to Write a Winning Resume

There’s no doubt that writing a resume requires a lot of introspection. But often, the challenge comes with a lack of true insight into your own career.

We spend a lot of time working on our jobs, but rarely give thought to the specific contributions we make to our employers in our roles. And these contributions are central to a great resume. Create a better resume by asking yourself three specific questions about your career.   

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5 Grammar Mistakes Your Resume Can’t Afford

For the most part, a hiring manager reading a resume can forgive a couple of typos that anyone could fail to see. But there are some grammar mistakes that are simply deemed unforgivable.   

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What Should I Include (and NOT Include) on My Resume?

This is one of the most common questions I’m asked by my clients. I write resumes designed to appeal to a specific target audience, and this means I often omit facts and information that I know won’t impress that target audience. And that can sometimes be hard to swallow.

After all, if you see a first draft of your resume that omits key facts, it’s natural to ask “but shouldn’t X be included?” You worked hard for that achievement. You studied for that certification. You put two years of your life into that part-time business. And now as far as your resume is concerned, it never even happened.   

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