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12 Resume Rules for Today’s Job Seeker [Infographic]

resume rules

As a job seeker, you probably receive a lot of advice about how to write your resume. And all that advice can become confusing and more than a little overwhelming. After all, your resume makes your first impression for you.

So what are the resume rules that absolutely must be followed?   

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Don’t Be Trapped by Old School Resume Writing Rules

resume writing rules

So what has changed in the last few years when it comes to resume writing rules, building a personal brand, and marketing yourself in today’s ultra-competitive and digitally-driven job market?

And what old school resume writing rules are no longer valid?   

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4 Common Resume Rules That Must Be Broken

break the rules

While most career advice is written with good intentions, not all of it is worthy of your attention or time.

One such example is when blogs and articles talk about common “rules” you should follow when writing your resume. While these rules may work for some, sometimes they must be broken in order to get ahead…   

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Build a Better Resume: Ignore These 5 “Rules”


Many of the “rules” have changed.

Technological advances and the economic downturn have combined in recent years to create a significant effect on what works, and doesn’t work, as you job search.

Resumes are no exception…   

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