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10 Resume Mistakes Job Seekers Must Avoid [Infographic]

10 Resume CV Mistakes

Everyone thinks their resume is top-notch… everyone’s confidence level is high when they hit the ‘Send’ button.

And yet recruiters and employers will tell you that 80 to 90% of the resumes they receive are not written well… and end up in the digital trash can…   

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7 Resume Myths That Mean You Stay Unemployed

Resume Myths Versus Fact

When it comes to resumes, many job seekers seem to think all they need is a cover letter to fill in those pesky work gaps and mention those in-demand soft skills. Unfortunately, that mindset means your resume ends up on the rejection heap – and that you stay unemployed.

“There are quite a few mistakes with resumes, including the cover letter legend,” says Paul McDonald, senior executive director with Robert Half. “The resume myths sometimes outweigh the facts.”   

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5 Resume and Interview Red Flags Recruiters Won’t Ignore

Red Flag Warnings for Recruiters

Every year, hiring managers and HR professionals read thousands of resumes. They know what to look for in a good way. And they sure know how to find the red flags that indicate a less-than-desirable candidate. Should they miss a red flag, now worries; they have an entire job interview to uncover what you are trying to hide.

Here’s a look at six of those red flags hiring managers can’t, or won’t, ignore.   

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The New Formula for Resume Success

Formula for Resume Success

I’ve read hundreds of articles on job searching… possibly even topping a thousand. By far, the one topic talked about most in these articles: resumes. And many of these articles recommend the use of action verbs, quantification and the direct impact of your contributions.

The goal: to show you did something that contributed directly to the bottom line of your previous employer…   

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5 Common Resume Mistakes (And 5 Quick Fixes)

Quick Fix

Writing a resume is easy. Right? You just type your responsibilities, a few metrics and just the right amount of buzzwords onto a Word doc. And voila, send that resume to every job posting you find.

Wrong! Resumes are strategic marketing communications that must be created thoughtfully… and with some oomph…   

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5 Common Resume Mistakes (and 5 Quick Fixes for Them)

resume mistakes

After reviewing thousands of resumes in my career, I’ve noticed a trend.

Too many job seekers are making the exact same resume mistakes over and over again, many of which hold these job seekers back from getting job interviews.

So, I’m going to share with you the 5 most common resume mistakes I see…   

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