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6 Simple Steps Toward a Glamorous Resume Makeover

resume makeover

Even if you’re not in full job-hunting mode, chances are you could use some resume help.

Here are six steps for a complete resume makeover for when you’re ready to enter the job hunt in full force…   

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Need a Resume Makeover? Try These 5 Quick Fixes

Fast Fixes

Many of us don’t even think about our resume until we really need it—which means your resume might now be considered out-of-date, or even obsolete.

Whether you’re searching for a job for the first time this summer, or for the first in years, there are five fixes you can make right now to quickly bring your resume up-to-date…   

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The Non-Traditional Job Hunt: A Resume Makeover Case Study

Resume Makeover for Non-Traditional Candidates

There is an abundance of resume advice and examples online. However, they’re mostly unhelpful if your work and life experience doesn’t fit neatly into a template.

Let’s look at a real job seeker with non-traditional work experience and outside the norm career issues, and see what happens when we do a resume makeover…   

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