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No Black Hole for You: 3 Simple Tips to Optimize Your Resume

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When webmasters design a web site to be found by the search engines, they call the process (science? art? skill?) “search engine optimization.” Appropriate placement of the right words in the right place is critical to search engine optimization – and to your resume!

Here are 3 areas you can use this technique so recruiters find your resume (and LinkedIn profile) online… and all three start with researching the keywords employers use most…   

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7 Power Words That MUST Be on Your Resume

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Another resume from another early careerist. Another rejection. Why?

Because today, employers are looking for certain characteristics above all else; aspects of your work life that make you stand out above all your competitors. And trust me when I say that those traits have nothing to do with being “detail-oriented”, a “hard worker” or a “team player” – or any other cliché now included on almost every resume.   

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Keyword Dominated Resumes – How Much is too Much?

There’s a fine line between over using keywords in your resume and having just the right touch.

It’s trickier than you think to create a effective and dynamic resume, so what do you have to do in order to get the right about of keywords that balance out the resume?   

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