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In the Age of Applicant Tracking Systems: Resume Keywords Matter

resume keywords

The downside of so many employers using applicant tracking systems?

Many great job candidates are rejected sight unseen because they didn’t include strategic resume keywords…   

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Job Search Know-How: ATS Advances and Their Effect on the Above Average Job Seeker

average job seeker

Over the last year, corporations and job board companies are starting to use a search tool called semantic search to help match open jobs with an online job seeker better than ever before. It’s actually been around for about 5 years, but it’s within the last year that it’s begun being used in recruitment (by companies like Deloitte, Bosch, and Manpower).   

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Resume Optimization Without Dishonesty: Keeping it Real

resume optimization

Here are some tips for resume optimization that will effectively showcase your skills without tripping up the sorting software.   

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Why “Close Enough” Isn’t for Resume Keywords

Jobscan blog

We’ve all done less than perfect work at some point in our lives. Whether submitting a vague English essay or only slightly braking at a STOP sign, sometimes “close enough” is sufficient.

One place that’s not the case, especially in today’s job market: submitting your resume.    

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The 20 Keywords Just Right for Your Resume

Top 20 Keywords for Your Resume

Whether in the resume storage of a job board, in an employer’s applicant tracking system (ATS), or in social networks like LinkedIn and Google Plus… most resumes end up in a database of some sort.

Regardless of where they are stored, those resumes and social profiles need to be “find-able” when someone types in their desired search terms, which are commonly referred to as “keywords.” But what keywords are those employers looking for? How do they find you?   

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How to Choose the Perfect Keywords for Your Resume

Resume Keywords

Many job seekers already know how important it is to use resume keywords; they understand that whether an applicant tracking system or a hiring manager is reviewing your resume, you’re more likely to be considered for a role if you use specific words and phrases related to the position.

But how do you decide which keywords to use?   

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