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What Really Happens When You Submit a Resume Online

How Resumes Really Get Read

You find your dream job online. You know you’re a perfect fit for this company. You submit a carefully crafted resume exactly as requested. Now, the magic happens… right?

Well, maybe not.

This infographic from the Wall Street Journal shows us exactly what happens after your resume is submitted the old-school way (through a job board, the organization’s career site, etc.) And the picture isn’t pretty…   

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No Black Hole for You: 3 Simple Tips to Optimize Your Resume

lion resume

When webmasters design a web site to be found by the search engines, they call the process (science? art? skill?) “search engine optimization.” Appropriate placement of the right words in the right place is critical to search engine optimization – and to your resume!

Here are 3 areas you can use this technique so recruiters find your resume (and LinkedIn profile) online… and all three start with researching the keywords employers use most…   

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Recruiters Not Calling? Meet the Robots Reading Your Resume

You worked hard on your resume and cover letter. You applied for the job that, according to the job description, met your qualifications perfectly. Your online presence is impeccable.

And yet, the recruiter never called. Before you curse out that recruiter, you should know that they likely never saw your resume…   

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