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New Year’s Resolution: Rule, Rather Than Follow, Your Passion


Any day now, along with the year’s top-of-everything lists (movies, blogs, apps, etc.) we’ll start to see blog posts regarding New Year’s resolutions. And, without fail, many of these lists will include some version of this phrase:

“I will follow my passion more.”

Unfortunately, by the time the Super Bowl is over… these (and many other) resolutions are already forgotten…   

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The Keys to Successful Resolutions: Measurable Goals and Deadlines

Over the weekend, we were shouting our New Years resolutions from the rooftops – and our keyboards.

I can already tell which of those will fail. So can you. “I want to lose weight” – fail. “I will drink less coffee” – fail. “I will have better work-life balance” – sadly, fail.

Now compare that to the achievable resolutions that stand a chance of success…   

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