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Online Privacy: How to Protect Your Public Reputation

online privacy

What are you doing to protect your online privacy and reputation on social media? What steps or precautions do you take to ensure your social media profiles reflect the best information about you? Whether you are actively or passively job hunting, your reputation on social media is being assessed. So, in order to gain attention and stand out (for the right reasons), carefully consider what you share on social media. Let’s look at JDP’s findings from “How Job Seekers Curate Their Social Presence.” By the way, JDP provides employee background screenings and their study surveyed 2,007 US workers in July   

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Online Visibility: Three Secrets to Building a Stellar Reputation

online visibility

Want to manage your online visibility for the long-haul? Not just while you’re eager to find a new job?

Here are the secrets to managing your online visibility and building a reputation of excellence!   

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Personal Brand Improvement: 7 Tasks to Complete Before the Year Ends

personal brand improvement

Personal branding isn’t a new concept, but it is constantly changing

With more and more people adopting a unique personal brand, it’s always important to keep developing your brand…   

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Personal Branding Success in 4 Easy Steps [Infographic]

personal branding success

The rise of social media and the popularity of personal websites means that now, everyone has an online presence.

The goal, pure and simple: personal branding success.   

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Define Your Personal Branding Message: Answer These 3 Questions

personal branding message

What if someone called you out of the blue and asked you to come in for an interview? No application necessary. This is the ideal scenario, but it can’t happen if you’re a well-kept secret.

You need a personal brand!    

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