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How to Enjoy the Life of a Digital Nomad [Infographic]

digital nomad

Whether self-employed or working for a company, many professionals are taking advantage of the accessibility that new technology provides. Some may choose to simply stay in their pajamas and work from home, while others use the remote opportunity to travel. Such an adventurer is called a digital nomad.   

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Home Office Hacks to Make Remote Work a Dream [Infographic]

home office

From the position of your chair to the music you listen to, there are many factors that affect how productively you work from home.

With this in mind, the folks at Harvey’s Furniture have put together a brief guide to creating  the perfect remote work setting…   

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What to Take from 2018 Recruitment Trends [Infographic]

recruitment trends

By looking at the recruitment trends established throughout 2018 can help you understand where the job market has been and where it’s going.

With those insights, you can create a plan of attack that will advance your career in 2019 and beyond.   

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Workplace Trends: Remote Work is the Next Big Thing [Infographic]

workplace trends

Sometimes the worst thing about a job is the commute, right? Well, there’s good news…

More and more employees are enjoying a commute that involves nothing more than grabbing a cup of coffee and walking down the hall to their home office.   

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The Top Remote Work Trends of 2018 (And How They Affect You)

remote work

There’s been a 115% increase in telecommuting over the last 10 years, and 43% of the U.S. workforce currently performs remote work to some degree.

So what’s the forecast for 2018? What does it all mean for current and aspiring freelancers and flex workers?    

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Actual Freelancers Tell You How to Be a Productive Freelancer

productive freelancer

One of the hardest things for me about being a productive freelancer? Time management.

Working from home can bring a lot of distractions, and when I starting freelancing full-time almost six months ago, I had a tough time getting down to work…   

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