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Everything Job Seekers Need to Know About Job References

job references

Most job seekers spend a lot of time on their resumes. A smaller number spend some time preparing for interviews. But few give the job reference process the priority it deserves. In fact, many treat it as the easiest part of the job search. That shouldn’t be… and it may cost you a job offer. It is customary for employers to conduct reference and background checks on candidates they are planning to hire. Studies have shown that 80% of employers conduct reference checks, and this is because they need to validate the accuracy of the resume and whatever other information   

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Job Seekers: Are Your References REALLY Available Upon Request?

References NOT Available Upon Request

Since the dawn of the Social Age, many aspects of the job search have changed… except one:

The reference check.

Just like they did decades ago, most companies still call 3 of your references. They still ask them direct questions about you, measuring both the words and the passion in the answer provided. And despite how much they can learn about you on social media, they still won’t hire you until this process is complete.   

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10 Guidelines for Awesome Job Search References


Your resume caught the recruiter’s eye. You impressed in the interview. Now comes a last, and often overlooked – but critical – hurdle.

Most employers will ask you to provide personal and / or professional references. You should line up four to six professional references ready to talk about you when you apply for a job.

Since they’re critical to your job search, be prepared to help your references help you by following these 10 guidelines:   

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“References (Not) Available Upon Request”: 5 Best References Tips

References are a critical step in the hiring process. An employer WILL check yours.

You need to make sure that your employment references will give a positive review about you and shower you with recommendations.

To ensure you cover all your bases in getting positive feedback from your references, follow these 5 tips:   

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3 Easy Tips Ensure Recruiters Get Your Best Job References

There has long been a debate regarding references and whether or not to include them in a resume. Many applicants are uncomfortable providing the information up front, preferring instead to simply state that references are available upon request. This is an outdated method and I always encourage clients NOT to write that on their resume, rather bring them with you to the interview. Whichever route you choose, it is critical you be aware of what information you are providing to potential employers as well as their ability to check that information. In other words, check your references because you never   

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