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HR, Recruiters and Managers: Hiring Pros with Different Missions

HR, recruiters and managers hiring pros

It is so hard to figure out the “rules” of today’s job search. Probably because there aren’t any, really. And hiring pros all seem to be looking for something different.

And that is part of the problem: HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers are all hiring professionals… but they really ARE looking for something different…   

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A Job Search Success Story: The Very First Thanksgiving


Once upon a time, early settlers to North America posted a job on PilgrimHelpWanted.com. While only one person applied for the position, they were quite excited about bringing on a new team member.

Here, just in time for Thanksgiving, is a fictional account of how that interview might have gone had it happened in today’s recruiting world…   

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3 Facts You Didn’t Know About How Jobs are Really Filled


They often want to know: why a job opening stays open for months at a time; why their application status seems to be at a stand-still; why their interviews are spread out over weeks at a time; why there seems to be no conclusion or status update after the interview process; and much more.

The facts below just might help job seekers understand why recruiting processes are the way they are, and why everything seems to move much slower than they would like…   

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Recruiting: Dreadful as Online Dating (Without the Friends or Benefits)

Online Dating

You probably know happy couples who met online. For every happy couple, however, there are 10 horror stories of people showing up 15 years older or 50 pounds heavier than in their picture.

E-recruiting, much like E-dating, has many success stories. The sad part about recruiting, though, is that we don’t get to date the winners very long; as recruiters, we give the best matches to the hiring manager… and then we start searching for “the one” all over again.

Here’s more insight into the recruiting process (and a little advice on how to make it to the second date).   

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7 Steps to a Better Job Posting (and Better Talent)

There are many factors competing against you when you use the Internet to hire…

In a sea of competing voices, you have to stand out. The job you need to fill is one of many options for the job hunters who might see your posted vacancy.

One of the troubles that organizations have in generating job descriptions is that the term is over used; “job descriptions” have a wide range of uses…   

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Top Secret: Confessions of a Hiring Mind [Infographic]

We’ve all been there. We found the perfect position! We fire off a resume… crank out a custom cover letter … and we wait. And we wonder why we, as the perfect candidate, never heard back.

This simple, yet enlightening, infographic from BeHiring.com provides revealing insights into how you’re viewed by the very audience of your job search labor: the recruiter.

Read on to gain some insight into the mind of a recruiter – and to ensure you stand out among your job search competition…   

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