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The Ultimate Key to Job Interview Success: Chemistry

Professional Chemistry

In a world where the building of relationships are vital to our professional success, what does it take to get to win a job interview? Chemistry.

That’s not to say that you don’t need some basic skills and/or experience for most jobs – but usually by the time you get to the interview, you’ve been screened for that at least to some extent. But before you can get to any of that, there has to be a feeling that you would be a match for the company as well as the particular department interviewing you.   

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Getting Ahead: Persistent Follow Up is Expected

Have you ever said to yourself, “I can’t follow up with this person, they’ll think I’m pushy”? Stop! First, you can do anything you want… there are no rules except “I must do what I have to do to get the job.” Second, can’t is a bad, bad word.  Didn’t your mother ever tell you that? Third, do you really know this to be true?  I mean, there is such a fine line between being pushy and persistent.  Your definition is not the same as someone else. Push the line. Cross the line. If you screw up, learn… and adjust.   

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10 Key Questions to Ask When Scheduling Your Next Job Interview

Job Interview

Getting a call for an interview can be exciting!

So exciting, in fact, that we forget to ask for important information that can make the difference between a so-so performance… and one that leaves the recruiter with an amazing first impression.

Next time you have the opportunity to schedule an internship or job interview, consider asking these 10 key questions…   

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Your First Interview Today May Be The Recruiter’s Sixth


Do you ever think about your job search from the employers’ perspective?

Most job seekers don’t… understandably so. They are most focused on looking for an opportunity and presenting themselves in the best way they can. The focus is generally on themselves… they simply don’t give much thought to what the experience is like for the employer…   

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Top Secret: Confessions of a Hiring Mind [Infographic]

We’ve all been there. We found the perfect position! We fire off a resume… crank out a custom cover letter … and we wait. And we wonder why we, as the perfect candidate, never heard back.

This simple, yet enlightening, infographic from BeHiring.com provides revealing insights into how you’re viewed by the very audience of your job search labor: the recruiter.

Read on to gain some insight into the mind of a recruiter – and to ensure you stand out among your job search competition…   

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A Recruiter Called! Ready to Interview in 3 Hours?

Great news! A recruiter called you to come in for a job interview!

The not so great news… they want you to come in tomorrow… and you haven’t prepared for an interview.

Don’t panic – prepare! You can hammer out a “3-Hour Interview Prep” plan that will work in the limited time you have. Just follow these tips for 3-Hour Interview Prep.   

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