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Professional Enthusiasm: The Fuel to Launch Your Career

professional enthusiasm

When you graduate from college, you enter a whole new world. It’s fun. You’re filkled with professional enthusiasm. The opportunities are practically limitless. Where will you head to? Whatever you want to be, you can become.

However, you’ll have to go through a real struggle before you get there…   

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12 College Experiences Your Resume Really Needs [Infographic]


e are long past the time when a college degree is all you need to get a job when you graduate. You need to show relevant experience… even if that experience didn’t come from the workplace, but from on-campus activities.

Leadership roles, stints as campus ambassador, internships, and so many more interests and endeavors can separate you from the millions of other college students looking for work…   

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Two Months After Graduation and No Job… Now What?

I Graduated

So you graduated a few months months ago, and haven’t yet found a job.

People you graduated with are starting to move out on their own, and you’re still stuck in your parent’s basement. You feel like you’ve used every job board and exhausted all of your connections. Does this sound familiar?

So now what?   

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How a Recent Grad (Finally) Got Hired

Hire Me

The traditional process of filling out an online application and sending in a resume and cover letter wasn’t working for me, so I had to do things a bit differently.

Recession or recovery, the job market is tough, and the competition for jobs is even tougher. Companies are not hiring like they used to. Despite this, I’ve always believed that a bad economy is a poor excuse.

Like many college grads, my goal was to launch a career, not land a job to collect minimum wage. Here’s how I managed to finally land a job I actually wanted.   

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The All-in-One Guide to Job Fair Success

MARK-biz wellington mall job fa 1

With summer, (and also for some… graduation), just around the corner, job fairs are on the horizon. Many companies will attend these events, ready to fill entry-level positions. These employment expositions could be the perfect place to get your foot in the door.

Getting the most out of your job fair attendance is a must if you’re truly serious about finding a new job. Never fear, these simple steps will help you navigate, network and most importantly… market yourself like a pro.   

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How Important is Your First Job After Graduation?

First Job

My first job as a college graduate was as a program specialist with the Girl Scout organization, developing service and educational opportunities for middle and high school students. It was a stressful position, full of phone calls and conflict resolution, but it also presented a series of rewarding lessons about how to navigate the working world.

Your experiences in your first job help you make decisions about your career from that point forward. What can you do to make the most of the situation? Focus on the following:   

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