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15 Reasons Someone Else Got the Job (And You Didn’t)

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You’ve worked hard; you’ve done everything right. And now, you find yourself neck-and-neck with another candidate; the job will go to one of you.

When you’re in this position, what makes the difference? How does an employer know who to choose, and who to disappoint?   

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12 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job or Internship

Reasons You Didn

You thought you nailed the interview – and you expected an offer. But the offer never came. The job or internship went to someone else.What went wrong? What happened that made the recruiter choose another candidate?

When trying to understand how we could get so close but come up empty, we tend to over-complicate things. The reality is that if you were a finalist for a job, and didn’t get the offer, the reasons are often quite simple – and fixable…   

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