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Bachelors Degrees: Gen Y’s New High School Diploma?

New Diploma

Imagine a time when having a bachelor’s degree absolutely guaranteed you’d land a job after graduation. A bachelor’s degree used to mean much more than it does today, and the higher supply has led to some unfortunate employment prospects.

Bill Baker, President of Dallas-based recruiting firm Schul Baker Partners, said master’s degrees are what bachelor’s degrees used to be. However, even though their value might have changed, an undergraduate degree is still a necessity in today’s work economy.

So what does that mean for Generation Y?   

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Here Comes the Real World… Don’t Panic, Prepare!

Fall semester is about over… graduation and summer will be here sooner than you think. Time to celebrate! Or… maybe it’s time to panic.

Here you are, heading toward graduation… and with little or no professional experience. Panic? Nah… If you haven’t prepared for your transition into the workforce, there’s still time to recover. But you’ve got work to do.

Here are some fast – and manageable – last-minute fixes…   

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7 Real World Pinterest Strategies That Work

Our friends at YEC asked members of their council this entrepreneurship-related question from a reader… we thought the answers were enlightening. Read on!

Question: How do you use Pinterest for business? What results are you seeing?   

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17 Hooey Writing Rules to Unlearn After Graduation

We have some good news for English class haters: some of the rules your teachers drilled into your brain are absolute hooey in the real world.

Who really says “an historic”? And personally, we love starting sentences with “but,” “and,” and “or.” Read on as we explore these and 15 other school writing rules that really don’t have a place in modern writing.

English teachers, you have our apologies.   

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Does the Real World Go “Bump” in the Night?

Remember when you were a kid, lying awake at night listening to the strange sounds in your house. Every “bump” in the dark was obviously a monster with giant teeth, ready to eat you. And the jacket left in a lump on the back of your chair… the dark transformed it into something equally creepy. That was scary sh*t! You’d lie in bed, too scared to move… wishing you had a flashlight. Bump… For many, those imaginary creatures never left. They just transformed… dogging us as we leave the familiar and friendly confines of college. A good example is a   

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College Students: Are You Real World Ready?

The feeling that you have no idea where your life will be in a month is one of the most terrifying feelings in the world. So how do you deal with it? If I could give current college students any advice for the next month of their life, it would be these four things…   

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