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How to Quit Your Job Without Burning Bridges [Infographic]

burning bridges

We try so hard to make a good first impression, but just as important are the final ones – especially when it comes to quitting a job.

So how do quit your job without burning bridges?   

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How (and When) to Quit Your First Job

First Job

With Simply Hired data showing six consecutive months of job growth this year, the outlook is getting brighter for job seekers across the country.

But if you’re still working (and learning from) your first job, is that a good enough reason to make the leap to a new job?   

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7 Essential Tips: The Right Way to Resign


The current job climate has left many of the employed feeling trapped; they’re stuck in positions they dislike. Workers face a variety of issues including being overworked, underpaid and/or struggling with a less-than-great manager.

For those individuals looking to finally resign from their lackluster positions, the New Year well underway, and it’s boasting some good news in terms of job outlook in 2013…   

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4 Questions to Consider Before Screaming “I Quit!”

Leaving a job is never easy. Maybe you’re not feeling challenged. Or, your boss is a tyrant and it’s time to go!

You may have envisaged a scene where you go all Jerry Maguire, make a big speech about company morals, grab the fish, and make a glorious exit, right?

Save the dramatics. Leaving a job should not be done without thinking it through. Here’s what to consider before making your great escape.   

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12 Thrilling Ways to Quit Your Job

The idea of leaving your job may be on the tip of your tongue or in the far-out recesses of your brain, but it’s always there.

That’s both the beauty and the beast of at-will employment: you can leave whenever you decide to.

So which type of quit are you considering? Which might you actually act on? Check out these dozen ways to quit your job:   

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Top Ten Reasons You Need to Quit Your Soul Sucking Job

It’s Monday morning and you just woke up.

You’d love to bite on some tasty pancakes, but unfortunately your stomach is in a knot from the stress of thinking about going to work.

And before long, another year has passed and you realize once again, you’re at the same job, with the same position, and the same grumpy manager.

Well, today is the day you fight back. No more excuses for letting life pass you by.

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